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Collaborative Care for Patients With Advanced Polycythemia Vera (PV)

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PV is a hematologic malignancy characterized by uncontrolled proliferation of blood cells. Patients may benefit from a collaborative approach to care, with clearly defined roles for each person on the care team. Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) can be a central part of helping to effectively monitor patients and helping to deliver optimal care.

For the community advanced practice providers, I think that one of the biggest key—one of the biggest points for them is that patients with polycythemia vera are at increased risk of significant morbidity and mortality related to their disease process. And so that frequent monitoring of these patients, not only as far as counts go but symptoms is very important for the patient's well-being. I think additionally, identifying roles within your own practice between your attending physician, perhaps the clinic nurse and different key players in your practice that help the overall management of the patient, identifying who is going to be responsible for which task really can help streamline the treatment of these patients and the monitoring of these patients so that we do not have perhaps lab value slip through the cracks or perhaps symptoms that are not being effectively communicated to the right person who is able to perhaps implement a change or better care for the patient.

Advanced practice providers can collaborate with other APPs in the hematology/oncology space, and a variety of different areas. APSHO is a great society that focuses on APPs in hematology/oncology. There's a journal associated with the society called JADPRO. Additionally, you can get updates through ASH clinical updates which come out through email.

Community practice advanced practice providers have a really critical role in managing these polycythemia vera patients. And I think that ensuring a good team approach with perhaps a clinic nurse and the oncologist, hematologist, I think is really critical to help ensure that things do not fall through the cracks.

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Lindsey Lyle, MS, PA-C Physician Assistant and Senior Instructor University of Colorado Cancer Center | Aurora, CO
Ms Lyle's clinical focus includes benign hematologic disorders and hematologic malignancies, with a special interest in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs). Her clinical philosophy focuses on treating the person as a whole, taking every aspect of a patient’s physical and mental health into consideration during diagnosis and treatment. A national and regional speaker on hematologic malignancies, she is also involved in rural health outreach and improving health literacy among young people.