MPN Diagnostic Criteria Worksheet

Download a worksheet with the World Health Organization (WHO) diagnostic criteria for primary myelofibrosis, PV, and ET.

Post–polycythemia vera MF and
post–essential thrombocythemia MF Diagnostic Criteria Worksheet

Download a worksheet with the International Working Group for Myeloproliferative Neoplasms Research and Treatment (IWG-MRT) diagnostic criteria for post–polycythemia vera MF and post–essential thrombocythemia MF.

MPN Identification

Learn more about the critical factors for diagnosing myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).


Slides on The JAK2V617F Mutation and Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

View a slide set developed by Kris Vaddi, DVM, PhD, that outlines the roles of the JAK2V617F mutation and overactive JAK signaling in myeloproliferative neoplasms.


Polycythemia Vera Pathophysiology

Watch an animated video to learn more about polycythemia vera pathophysiology and mechanisms of disease.

Keep up with recent developments and disease-state discussions at Access articles, podcasts, and other resources developed with leaders in the field.


What causes polycythemia vera (PV)?
Learn about polycythemia vera causes and how a specific gene mutation may lead to the development of PV.
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What do you consider when making a diagnosis of polycythemia vera (PV)?
Get more information about the subtleties of polycythemia vera diagnosis, including how the disease can present in ways that may overlap with other conditions.
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What are some of the challenges involved in making a polycythemia vera (PV) diagnosis?
Explore the challenges in diagnosing polycythemia vera, and learn about considerations that may be taken into account when diagnosing polycythemia vera.
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How do you assess the risk of polycythemia vera (PV) progression?
Get more information about assessing the risk of progression of polycythemia vera from Jamile M. Shammo, MD, FASCP, FACP, Associate Professor of Medicine and Pathology, Rush University Medical Center.
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Is a hematocrit level of less than 45% important in polycythemia vera (PV)?
Find out about achieving a target hematocrit level of <45% and its potential impact on major thrombosis or cardiac death.
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When do you utilize cytoreductive therapies in the treatment of polycythemia vera (PV)?
See a video about the treatment of polycythemia vera and when cytoreductive therapy may be appropriate in PV patients who are at high risk.
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How do you assess your patients with polycythemia vera (PV)?
Assessing and treating polycythemia vera may demand a more individualized approach. Watch this video to learn more.
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What are some of the issues in the management of polycythemia vera (PV)?
View a video about managing polycythemia vera and the important factors involved.
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When diagnosing polycythemia vera (PV), what clinical parameters complicate diagnosis?
Get insight into the diagnosis of polycythemia vera, including complications such as elevated hematocrit levels and other symptoms.
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What are some of the long-term consequences associated with polycythemia vera (PV)?
Watch a video about the long-term impact of a polycythemia vera diagnosis and possible consequences of polycythemia vera progression.
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What are some of the most commonly seen symptoms associated with polycythemia vera (PV)?
Hear an MPN expert discuss some of the common symptoms of polycythemia vera.
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What are some of the goals that drive clinical decision-making for polycythemia vera (PV)?
Find out what an MPN expert says about PV treatment goals and the factors that drive the clinical decisions for therapy in patients with PV.
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How does assessing risk in polycythemia vera (PV) help you design treatment plans?
Assess polycythemia vera risk for thrombotic events in patients with PV as part of designing patient treatment plans.
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What is the importance of white blood cell and platelet counts in polycythemia vera (PV)?
Join Raajit K. Rampal, MD, PhD as he discusses the PV risk of thrombosis as it relates to the clinical relevance of a high white blood cell count and an elevated platelet count.
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How does frequent monitoring help you manage polycythemia vera (PV) more effectively?
Explore how individualized attention to patients’ phlebotomy requirements, comorbidities, and symptom burden can help manage polycythemia vera.
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Is there a validated tool for identifying and tracking polycythemia vera (PV) symptoms over time?
Hear how a clinical tool for MPN symptom assessment can help monitor the symptoms of polycythemia vera and other myeloproliferative disease symptoms.
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